Book Fairs

Book fairs, an amalgamation of book stalls with varied books in them and a motley crowd which throngs them are events that I look forward to. Two book fairs are held annually in my hometown. They are always organized in the winter season when the sun’s heat is tolerable and comforting. They are a good diversion from routine work . I can roam around in the book stalls for hours on end searching for the books of authors , old and new, looking up the blurbs of these books and in turn reading them. And it’s quite a task to select some books to buy from the many interesting and amazing books on display. It’s always a delight when you are offered a discount on the books.

Some people who visit these book fairs are hardcore book lovers. Some others would participate in the quiz, debate, dance etc. competitions that go on in the sidelines. Some others would go and watch the cultural shows organised in the evening and have a bite in one of the food stalls put up there. They cater to different sections of people having very different tastes.

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My Books

Sometime back , my creative juices flowed and I ended up writing two books.

  1. Impressions of Love and Loss
  2. Love’s Labour Lost
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Both are fiction books. Both of them are tales of love and loss which are a part of every one of us. Both reverberate the feelings of ordinary men and women. Both are to be published as e books on Amazon. The first one will be released on 15th March, 2020 and the second will be released on 16th March, 2020. My writing journey will be worth it if you will read my books. It will give me oodles of encouragement. Your observations and suggestions will be highly beneficial for me in my onward journey as a writer. I look forward to them.

Sangita Saikia

Love at all ages

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Love enters our lives and we are swept away by it. It carries us to heights of ecstasy where everything is sweet and magnificent. It lands us into the abyss of despair when love disowns us and flies far away from our nests. It’s a wonder that we let it into our lives even when it is so destructive at times.

Love can strike you at any age. There is a feeling of love at all ages. It is all encompassing. Love is prevalent when young, in adult life and when old. Only it’s intonation changes. The meaning remains the same.

Love overwhelms young people. Their’s is a love that is intense, naive, sweet. A young couple remains engrossed in each other. Love between an adult couple is more sedate, engaging and at the same time intense. Friendship and dependence marks love at an old age.


On the occasion of Women’s Day, I would like to share with you some quotes on women that I have compiled for you all.

The above quotes describes a woman’s temperament, her beauty, her confidence, her ability to love and nurture.

I hope you all like them.

Wishing you Happy Women’s Day in advance .

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Women are surely from Venus. They are beautiful, delicate, exquisite creatures. They are soft and elegant. They bring a sense of beauty and subtlety to the homes they occupy and nurture. They are caring and giving. Their presence bring a wonderful balance to this harsh world making it more peaceful and well kept.

Let us then celebrate women in general as well as some of the women who lead their lives in the public eye, not only for their achievements but also for their beauty and grace.

Princess Grace Kelly , Queen Rania, Maharani Gayatri Devi ,Princess Diana, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis -all in clockwise order
Author-Arundhati Roy, Painter-Amrita Sher Gil and Authors-Anita Desai and Jhumpa Lahiri, all in clockwise order

Actress, Audrey Hepburn and Indian actresses, Saira Banu ,Waheeda Rehman and Asha Parekh, all in clockwise order
Tennis players, Maria Sharapova ,Steffi Graf, Karolina Pliskova , all in clockwise order
Models , Cindy Crawford ,Mehr Jesia ,Helen Brodie, all in clockwise order

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Love, Life and more

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What is this thing that we call ‘ life’. It is perhaps a process. It is a journey into the unknown, the depths of which we cannot fathom. It is a journey, the ways of which can be described only as an aftermath. The way is either disastrous and sad or fortunate and happy. However it is, we must all tread on it. It presents different hues to different people. No one journey is similar.

Life has offered me an array of possibilities. I have gone into the realms of happiness and sadness with equanimity. I have embraced both; happiness with glee and unhappiness with a bit of annoyance but to a lot of extent with grace. Success and failures have adorned my journey of life at varied times. Life is a torture in times of trouble and it a comfort in the good times.

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Love arrived in my life to fulfill me. It has made me secure. It has etched a feeling of being safe with my loved one by my side. It has overwhelmed me in a good way. I must say that it is totally, totally beautiful. I have waited for it for years. It’s been a long wait. But finally it has come into my life and has taken it over. It’s a good feeling. It’s a wonderful state to be in.

The Thrills of Writing

The other day I came upon an old diary of mine and opened it. There lay in it’s pages my thoughts of the days of yore. Thoughts I had penned when I was studying in middle school. It contained my take on the characters I saw in movies. Recollections of the past times hit me. I realized on that day that I had written every word on that diary without being aware at the time that it gave me a release from the thoughts that occupied my mind. Giving voice to my musings was a pleasure. It freed my mind. And oh! the excitement when a couple of my articles got published in the Sunday edition of the daily newspaper that we bought.

I fully understood the thrills of writing as I reached my adult stage. Writing has allowed me to express my thoughts and ideas in an uninhibited manner, in an unabashed way without a feeling of fear or a sense of shame. What an enjoyment to skim the thoughts from my mind and give it the form of the written word. What a pleasure to catch an idea or a character floating about and give it coherence through the written word and ultimately the form of a story or a novel.

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Thoughts of my beloved Pt.5

Painting by Leonid Afremov

What are the thoughts that occupy my mind every time I think of my loved one. That he is loving, caring and generous. He is the one that has opened new vistas of thinking into my ideas of love and of life in general. My fears for the future has diminished for he advocates that life is to be lived in the present. For he feels that we get this life only once. I have now taken a more optimistic view towards life.

I am admonished by my loved one when I pester him for new photos of him. As he feels that your beloved should be quietly retained in one’s heart and not in some device. I love when he lovingly admonishes me. Oh, I just love so many of his traits. I absolutely love his voice when he sings to me. And I love it when he reiterates his love for me.

Chirpy Birds

The twittering, chirping birds are a delight to watch. They move around in flocks or alone. Some move in pairs of two. Some of them would sit in trees and the male and female birds would indulge in amorous gestures showing their love for each other. Some of the birds would jump about in the bushes searching for and eating seeds and an occasional insect.

It’s wondrous to hear birds singing in the morning as also their chatter in the evening. It is amazing to watch them building their nests. One wonders where they learnt to stich and sew like a skilled seamstress.

Birds are not to be caged for our entertainment but should be allowed to fly away in the open sky where they belong and are happy .

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Pitter Patter Raindrops

Big droplets of rain dash against the window panes. I come and sit by the window and watch the rain drop by. I love the rains. I have loved it since my childhood. Childhood memories take me to an evening when I had reached home from school and it had started to rain. I can distinctly remember the smell that emanated from the parched earth on receiving the first rain of the season. There is also the memories of picking up of flowers, strewn all over the wayside by gusts of wind and rain, while walking back from school. And what to say of the small paper boats that I and my friends made from pieces of newspapers and floated them on the puddles of water formed by a heavy shower of rain. What fun to get wet in the rain during the summer season.

It is always lovely to spend a lazy evening watching the rain outside sipping tea and eating snacks and making small talk with friends and family. It can also be spent reading a book or watching a movie. Memories of my loved one come by as the rain pours outside. Scenes of rain are often depicted in films and in paintings and often creates drama in them.

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