The Quest for the New

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Scientific discoveries and inventions are a testimony to man’s quest for the new. To know the unknown has led mankind to a spate of new discoveries. Man’s quest to fly led to the invention of the airplane as also so many other inventions that heralded the advent of the modern age. We are now surrounded by electronic gadgets that have made life so much easier for us. If man searches for the new in the field of science, he is always in search of the new in all spheres of his life. He loves to fill his life with newfound music, books, and movies. He is excited at the prospect of forming new bonds and relationships with his fellow human beings. In the case of his old relationships, he always seeks ways to rejuvenate them by reigniting the passions and feelings which might have been eroded over time. He looks forward to visiting a new place, tasting local cuisines. On holidays, when a man is at leisure, he always looks for avenues to bring a newness to his life. Whether it is seeking a new city to live in, moving to a new job, buying a new car, or learning to play a new musical instrument, man is always in the quest for the new.

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