Life Lessons

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Why do we give a person such importance in our lives, that he can leverage our lives the way he wants to. He negotiates his way into our life, play havoc with our emotions, leave us shattered and just walk out of our life in the manner in which he entered it. At first, when he enters our life, we are happy and playful; full of the jest for life. We play along with his antics and eventually fall a prey to his charm. We bid our time to achieve complete and ultimate happiness. And when the end is not so conducive to our happiness, we fall a prey to bouts of sadness and depression. On hindsight, we need to be balanced individuals, capable of maintaining a healthy emotional balance. We need not give too much away to a person to cause an imbalance in our lives. We should love ourselves and live happy lives.

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Suppressed Emotions

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A loved one recedes into the background. He leaves a trail of of longing and loneliness. All the colour seems to have gone out of her life. Her life is rendered cold, devoid of the warmth of his touch and the care that he so lovingly bestowed on her. Now, she makes her way through life without the joy that was so evident in the way she made herself presentable and alluring to him. Then, she was joy incarnate. She longs to see the dance of spring in her life once again and for the cold of winter to vanish from her life. She longs to be reunited with her beloved.

The Unsettling Expectations

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The flood of expectations hit her. She is aware that they are unrealistic, unrealizable. Expectations, which if she even dares to express would only lead to much acrimony and to a lot of distress. Not only would her expectations be hurled aside but she would be made to account for her intrepid behaviour. She would be made to feel small and ashamed of her bold assertions. She would be made to feel as if she should regret every bit of what she expressed. She would be admonished and made to seek forgiveness for her legitimate expectations. Her expectations crushed. Her opinions undermined. Her relationship is put to test. She will have to scurry about for some time trying to mend her relationship.

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  1. Books are good companions
  2. Books are a constant source of joy.
  3. Books are informative
  4. Books, the reading of them is a good pastime.
  5. Books sometimes guide us to a happy life.
  6. Books entertain us and sadden us.
  7. Books give a direction to our lives.
  8. Books inspire.
  9. Books define human emotions
  10. Books revolutionize.

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The Beautiful Women

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Women, the world over, are beautiful, fragile, loving. Fragile on the outside but is imbued by an inner strength which can hold a family together, bear the agony of childbirth, be by her partner’s side through the storms life throws at them. She is loving and compassionate to her children. She nurtures them. She looks after her man and cares for him. Women make their homes comfortable and makes it into a place one looks forward to come back to. Even when she ventures out to work and negotiates in an increasingly challenging world, her heart is still at home. She is a giver in the many different ways. She soothes and pacifies. She battles and fights. All at the same time as she is caught in different circumstances.

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On a cooking spree

Cooking is an engagement. An engagement with the sights and smells of wonderful creations in the food world. Aromas of various cuisines fill the senses sometimes with nostalgia and sometimes with a longing to linger some more time in the present and savour all the good food laid in front of us. Memories of grandma’s and mom’s cooking fill the mind with absolute delight and wonder at the magic their hands churned out.

I have been on a cooking spree this last one month. The colourful dishes on YouTube are my motivation to try them out. There are hundreds of them to try out from. The descriptions are tempting enough to try to make them. I have so far prepared matar paneer, palak paneer, methi matar malai, chicken bhuna masala, egg korma, patta gobi kofta curry, zeera aloo, gobi matar masala, capsicum and potato and brinjal dry fry etc. I made all the dishes with single minded devotion being very true to the recipes shown on the internet. It’s an absolute delight to prepare these delicious food items and to be praised for them. This act of cooking calms my frayed nerves. It’s like an antidote to my monotonous and mundane existence as it spices up my life. It is a good and healthy past time. It is a wonderful hobby.

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Thoughts of my beloved Pt.8

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My beloved and I were happy sharing our thoughts and our emotions. Then the demise of a loved one filled his life with heartache and sorrow. He is restrained in his grief. I am a bit shaken and there is a feeling of pain. A feeling of pain has arisen due to this feeling of oneness with him. I could relate to his sorrow. I wish I could hold his hand and just sit beside him. But this unending distance always play havoc. I can only tell him to take care and look after himself. When a loved one dies, the pain is always embedded in some corner of your heart. But one moves on through life with the memories of the happy moments spent with your dear one. So be it for my beloved.