Letting Go

It is difficult to let go of things we hold dear to our hearts. Whether it is animate or inanimate things, we hold them close to us. “Letting Go”is an emotion which is difficult to give in to for most of us, even if it is for the betterment of things at hand. Parents find it hard when they have to let go of their children as the children form minds of their own. We hold on to old and irrelevant ideas and fail to allow the new and relevant ideas to take their place. Lovers hold on to their loved ones, never wanting them to leave their sight whereas a more graceful, benign love would be more attractive. We clutter our houses with things which have gone unused for years together but we won’t part with them for they have become a part of us. In all cases, the important mantra is to let go of things a little bit in order to have a peaceful, more wholesome life.

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The Pull of Relationships

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Pondering on the aspect of relationships, I am most happy when I am transported to my childhood and its illusions of perfect relationships. When things were absurdly simple and not complicated enough. When one could enjoy a parent’s love as a feeling of love only and with no other feelings mixed with it. A brother’s love or for that matter a sister’s love was pure and unburdened by any other emotions. You could jump around and play with your friends, spitting laughter and glee without a care because it was unhindered friendship. Friendship, not eclipsed by any of the selfishnesses.

The entire burden of relationships starts when we become so called “grown ups”. Then relationships pull us in all directions and there is a flowering of resentment, jealousy and ill feelings amongst people. At times these relationships give us wondrous joy and in other times they give us stinging pain. This happens to everyone as we complicate our lives by and by and in and out. We become a bundle of contradictions.

My Books on Amazon

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I have published two of my books on Amazon, namely-

  1. Impressions of Love and Loss
  2. Love’s Labour Lost

Both are tales of love and loss. Though the topic is the same, both the books are totally different in their flavours and is set in absolutely varied settings. Please do read them and leave your reviews if you like them.

Thanks, Sangita Saikia.

Link : http://www.amazon.in/dp/B085MWNGPZ

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Link : http://www.amazon.com/dp/B085LPDLM1

Link : http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B085MWNGPZ

Link: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B085LPDLM1

Thoughts of my beloved Pt.7

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Love – the four letter word continues to mesmerize people on one hand and give such heartbreaks to others. Some sing its praise, others detest it. The small number of people that dislike the term do so for in some cases it leaves a trail of destruction in its wake – shattered hearts and destroyed dreams. But no one can deny its presence- so powerful, so very sweeping. Anyone who has been touched by it knows its all encompassing effect on the mind and heart. One cannot but recognize its complete sway over one when one derives much pleasure from dancing to its tune. Or the pain it can inflict on hearts broken while gyrating to its swan song. Joy or heartbreak, I would always wish my loved one happiness and hold on to him like a lifeline.

The Buzz of Life

As the lockdown that was imposed in my hometown is slowly relaxed, the murmurs of life could be heard without. More people are walking the streets, traveling in public transport or in private cars to reach their destinations. They are attending offices, going about getting necessary supplies for home, visiting banks for monetary transactions. More shops are open now selling essentials as well as certain non essential goods. Construction activities are slowly picking up. More vehicles can be seen on the streets.

It is wonderful to see life spring to its feet after one and half months of an almost complete standstill. It is heartening to find lives become alive once again. This new phenomenon of putting our normal lives on hold has been to an extent difficult to digest. People has shown enormous patience and discipline during these stressful times. The discipline people have inculcated during these trying times can be seen when people are going about their lives wearing masks and maintaining social distancing while at work. The tremendous human spirit is scintillatingly in display during adversities when it responds to the need of the times.

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The need of man to communicate with their fellow beings has given rise to various forms of correspondences through the centuries. The earliest form of exchange of letters of the king with his various officials was through a horse rider who acted as a messenger of the king and delivered the king’s letters. Most often, these letters contained the commands of the king and his wishes to his officials for them to carry them out in letter and spirit. Again, kings used to send special envoys to discuss and do trade deals and peace treaties with kings of other countries.

The modern age gave rise to the post offices, telegraph transmission and the telephone which made correspondence among people more systematic and quick. Common people could now use the post offices to send letters to their family and friends residing in far off places. Communication became much more effective between persons and had come a long way since the days of yore.

The day of the computer dawned and then arrived the mobile phones among men. Thus came into existence SMS and fax messages. Now people could communicate at the touch of a button. It hardly took a minute for messages to be passed on from one person to another. Then it was the age of the internet and with it came such means of communication as the Email, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram. Nowadays, people’s lives revolve around such features of communication. We can trace people’s lives through these features. People sometimes lay bare their lives through these mediums of communication.

Letters, cards have become almost obsolete as objects of communication. However, I feel that the sentiments that they echoed could hardly be compared to the hasty, short messages that we now send to our dear ones at present times.

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Thoughts of my beloved Pt.6

Painting by Leonid Afremov

Well, what an argument we have had-me and my loved one. I definitely hurt him with all I said. Those bitter words still rankle in my mind. I promised not to argue with him but then I did and have broken his trust in me. I regret the day I argued. It happened because I probably needed assurance for what we both would undertake in the future. But that is not an excuse for hurting him. For, I love him very dearly. For, he too loves me. After all he had sincerely said all that matters. And all that really matters is our love for each other. Nothing else. I hope the instant and the natural connection we feel for each other would make him forget the hurtful things and we can once again bridge the gap that is now between us. I hope that everything would be cozy between us in the near future.

All the Beautiful Things

The world is at a standstill. Life goes on albeit at a slow pace. The mad race is stopped in its tracks. Perhaps a time to reflect and introspect.

Beautiful things abound all about us. Nature woos us in this spring season. Trees laden with flowers, birds chirping about, flowers of all hues remind us that the world is still very beautiful.

Inanimate objects too hold their sway over us. A small cottage in the midst of greenery, the sparkling water of a lake, the magnificent stories written by writers through the ages evokes such wondrous thoughts and feelings. These are anything but beautiful.

And what to say of a beautiful woman or a handsome man . They are as pleasing to the eyes. What about the lovely paintings and the dreams that a seamstress sews in our dresses. What about our designers who create magic through their designs. And the wonderful food that the cooks churn out.

Beautiful things galore.

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Hope springs eternal in every heart

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Hope is the last vestige of man in these uncertain times. Hoping for better times to come is the mantra. Hoping for the well being of our loved ones is the order of the day. Hoping that the situation will change for the better is the eternal wish.

Man even in dire circumstances looks at the brighter side of things. It’s a sense of optimism and hope that keeps them going. It’s a hope for good times to come. It is natural human tendency to try to rise above the trying times. It is basic human nature to work for the better. Wars, famines, disasters have not been able to dim the human spirit. It springs forth with new hope and eventually brings in new and happy beginnings. Unforeseen as the future lies, man’s unvanquished heart fights on. Because he knows there is light at the other side.

Book Fairs

Book fairs, an amalgamation of book stalls with varied books in them and a motley crowd which throngs them are events that I look forward to. Two book fairs are held annually in my hometown. They are always organized in the winter season when the sun’s heat is tolerable and comforting. They are a good diversion from routine work . I can roam around in the book stalls for hours on end searching for the books of authors , old and new, looking up the blurbs of these books and in turn reading them. And it’s quite a task to select some books to buy from the many interesting and amazing books on display. It’s always a delight when you are offered a discount on the books.

Some people who visit these book fairs are hardcore book lovers. Some others would participate in the quiz, debate, dance etc. competitions that go on in the sidelines. Some others would go and watch the cultural shows organised in the evening and have a bite in one of the food stalls put up there. They cater to different sections of people having very different tastes.

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