The Spectre of Death

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Death is an inevitability that we find hard to accept. It looms at the corners of each household. It can claim one when one is most unaware . It has that immense power over us. We acknowledge its power but most of the time we do not reconcile with it. We are inconsolable when death strikes our near and dear ones. We weep, tears flow and our heart is burdened with the pain and loss. The loss of a loved one hits hard for we lose them forever. The loss is physical as well as emotional for the person will no longer be there for our support, will no longer be there even to call out to us. This silence is that which makes death unbearable. Of course, death cannot erase the memories of the person who has died. After the mourning is over, the memories of the person remain etched in our mind.

A Relationship

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Their relationship was a long distance one. They were separated by distance and time. She would write to him everyday and wait for his reply. He would reply everyday; sometimes early and sometimes a little late. Both waited for each other’s messages every day for that was the only way of fostering their love for the other. Their bond grew stronger over a period of a year. Rarely did he call and when he did her heart would always skip a beat. His voice filled her with immense joy. These calls brought them closer. And the day came when they met. The meeting was not one of passion and intenseness but it was as if they had come to their home. She felt loved and protected. He felt a new understanding seeping into their relationship. They relaxed in each other’s arms and felt a calmness never felt before. Then the time comes to part ways. They take leave of each other with a happiness which was mixed with pain.

Valentine’s Day

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Today is the day for affirming our love for our loved ones. Today is the day when we give presents and flowers to our lovers. Love not only gives us joy but makes our lives livable and beautiful. It is the feeling that lifts us up to reach blissful happiness. Shadows of sorrow and misery are pushed to the background and we embrace life with new gaiety.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Comfort Zone

Almost all people create a space, in their personal lives or in their work places, where they are the most comfortable. They inhabit spaces which give them a sense of comfort. They move amongst people who make them comfortable and give them a sense of security. They normally do not venture out of their comfort zones. It is often said that if people do not come out of their comfortable sanctuary and challenge themselves, they do not grow in any sphere of their lives. But what if they are happy in the comfort zones they have created for themselves? I feel happiness is far important than jumping out and going and exploring unknown entities. I may have this feeling as I am getting older whereas a young person may brave the odds and go out into the world in search of something new.

Love is for the Brave

Love is not for the faint hearted. It is for the brave. For love brings with it challenges for lovers to stay together forever. One needs courage to nurture love and to make it grow everyday amidst societal pressures of differences of religion, class and status. There is the pressure to sustain love in the face of increasing chances of misunderstanding and ego clashes amongst lovers. A lot of patient efforts is required to keep the boundaries of respect and care for each other intact while loving each other. Love should not stall anybody’s growth. Rather both lover’s should embrace growth in their personal and emotional space. Love should flourish in good times and in bad times. Lovers should look for strength within their love in order to wade through the bad days. Their love should be the guiding light to end the darkness. It is the same love which should be the happiness in their joyful days.

Christmas Memories

” Christmas ” brings to mind the Christmas tree , Santa Claus, reindeer, Christmas carols. It’s the time of merriment in the stinging cold of winter. It’s the holiday season.

I remember my school days at the convent school. Christmas bought much delight to the students as they were given sweets, chocolates and cakes. We witnessed the story of the birth of Jesus played out by the students. We then sang Christmas carols. The occasion was solemn and joyous. It was all the more joyful as we had just finished giving our final examination for the year.

Here’s hoping that this Christmas brings joy and light in the lives of all.

Merry Christmas to All.

Love Reigns

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She is enervated by the feeling ” Love “. Love has eluded her so far. Even then it has touched her core so many a time. And then it was fulfilling and humbling. Like you are bewitched and rendered speechless by the pristine beauty of all things that nature defines. She has faltered in her journey through the confines of love. But it beckons again and again. Like a fugitive lurking in the darkness to claim her as his victim. She decides to flee from its clutches and be free. But then she is not her master anymore. She is susceptible and again falls prey to its charms. Then delight seizes her and she is ready for a ride through the kingdom of love. Only this time it has the promise of eternity. ” Love reigns ” in her life.

The Quest for Happiness

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For some the quest for happiness lies in the pursuit of money and success. If one amasses a lot of wealth and is capable of buying the finer things in life, one is happy. If one reaches the pinnacle of success in his career and acquires fame and money, one is happy. For some happiness lies in the attainment of inner peace and the ultimate feeling of being one with the Almighty. Others find happiness in the wondrous beauty of nature; be it a lovely flower, the hills and the vales or the birds chirping.

It would be wonderful if happiness lay somewhere in between; if happiness was an amalgamation of the love of God and money and success and the love of nature. It would be the ideal situation. We can have the love of God and nature in our hearts as also make monetary gains. Then we would have inner peace in our minds. Of course, this situation calls for some moderation from our side on all accounts so that we can maintain a balance.