Love is for the Brave

Love is not for the faint hearted. It is for the brave. For love brings with it challenges for lovers to stay together forever. One needs courage to nurture love and to make it grow everyday amidst societal pressures of differences of religion, class and status. There is the pressure to sustain love in the face of increasing chances of misunderstanding and ego clashes amongst lovers. A lot of patient efforts is required to keep the boundaries of respect and care for each other intact while loving each other. Love should not stall anybody’s growth. Rather both lover’s should embrace growth in their personal and emotional space. Love should flourish in good times and in bad times. Lovers should look for strength within their love in order to wade through the bad days. Their love should be the guiding light to end the darkness. It is the same love which should be the happiness in their joyful days.

Christmas Memories

” Christmas ” brings to mind the Christmas tree , Santa Claus, reindeer, Christmas carols. It’s the time of merriment in the stinging cold of winter. It’s the holiday season.

I remember my school days at the convent school. Christmas bought much delight to the students as they were given sweets, chocolates and cakes. We witnessed the story of the birth of Jesus played out by the students. We then sang Christmas carols. The occasion was solemn and joyous. It was all the more joyful as we had just finished giving our final examination for the year.

Here’s hoping that this Christmas brings joy and light in the lives of all.

Merry Christmas to All.

Love Reigns

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She is enervated by the feeling ” Love “. Love has eluded her so far. Even then it has touched her core so many a time. And then it was fulfilling and humbling. Like you are bewitched and rendered speechless by the pristine beauty of all things that nature defines. She has faltered in her journey through the confines of love. But it beckons again and again. Like a fugitive lurking in the darkness to claim her as his victim. She decides to flee from its clutches and be free. But then she is not her master anymore. She is susceptible and again falls prey to its charms. Then delight seizes her and she is ready for a ride through the kingdom of love. Only this time it has the promise of eternity. ” Love reigns ” in her life.

The Quest for Happiness

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For some the quest for happiness lies in the pursuit of money and success. If one amasses a lot of wealth and is capable of buying the finer things in life, one is happy. If one reaches the pinnacle of success in his career and acquires fame and money, one is happy. For some happiness lies in the attainment of inner peace and the ultimate feeling of being one with the Almighty. Others find happiness in the wondrous beauty of nature; be it a lovely flower, the hills and the vales or the birds chirping.

It would be wonderful if happiness lay somewhere in between; if happiness was an amalgamation of the love of God and money and success and the love of nature. It would be the ideal situation. We can have the love of God and nature in our hearts as also make monetary gains. Then we would have inner peace in our minds. Of course, this situation calls for some moderation from our side on all accounts so that we can maintain a balance.

Puja Musings

Goddess Durga

Durga Puja is being celebrated in the different places of India. This time, however, the mood of the people is somber and subdued. In my hometown, the puja mandaps are mostly empty and the streets are devoid of the enormous traffic which is usually witnessed in these days. People in small numbers are coming out of their homes to pay their obeisance to the Goddess who slays the demon and thereby wins the victory over evil. The usual scene, of throngs of people in their fineries crowding the puja mandaps to pray; of children and their fun and frolic in buying colourful balloons and other playthings in display in the various stalls, is missing. Restaurants would do good business as people would mostly eat out on this occasion. They too see less of crowds. It is natural to become nostalgic of the good old days. It is natural to crave for normalcy to return to our lives so that once again the festivities rend the air. May all our prayers be answered and we return to the carefree days once more.

Faraway Thoughts

Artist – John Roddam Spencer Stanhope

Today thoughts from the past besiege me. My mind wanders to my childhood days. Those were simple days. Those were the days of experimentation. One day, I could indulge in painting. Another day, I could sing my heart out or dance away without a care. There was nothing to scrap my heart’s longings and my desires. I did as I wished. The potentialities were huge. The future held forth all its promises. I leapt towards the future with childlike glee. I remember the days when I along with my friends used to ride into the evening on my tricycle. Then friendships too were sweet. Innocence reigned supreme. It was the age of television. We children would gather in front of the TV sets and often watch the lovely advertisements which were played in between cartoon shows. The Ads were simple so were our needs in those times.

Oh, how I hurried from school on Saturdays to watch on TV the movie depictions of the novels of Charles Dickens and Shakespearean plays. This was in my high school days. They mesmerized me. These movies and the books I read opened up new vistas of thinking. I became increasingly aware of the intrigues life throws at you. That life was intrinsically complicated. Uncomplicated though it was, one cannot hold on to even the good things in the past but move on into the future which seems quite challenging.

A Writer’s Design

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A writer creates his own design by capturing the characters and settings floating about in his mind and weaving them into a story. One wonders if the patchwork of emotions that the characters in the story convey are figments of a writer’s imagination or a collage of the writer’s own emotions felt at some point or other in his lifetime and which he vents out through his characters. Are the circumstances his characters find themselves in are purely fictional or are they events the writer has experienced himself on certain occasions in his lifetime? Are the writer’s beliefs and opinions expressed through his characters and the condition in which they are placed in their lives?

I have always felt that it is an intermingling of fact and fiction through which a writer creates a story. It is a combination of his imagination and his own belief system that goes on to define his character’s outlook on life and how it would lead his life. I do not think a writer can completely delineate his own emotions or his thought process while creating his characters. They are at some time or other going to peek out of his characters and also sometime be a recurring theme in his character’s lives. A writer consciously or otherwise inculcates some of his values and opinions in his characters and in his story. His characters are not immune to the incidents that occur in his life.

A day long experience

Mysore Palace

It was a Sunday. I, my mother and my brother left our hotel in Bangalore( Bengaluru) early morning at about 6 a.m. for Mysore(Mysuru). It would be a three hour drive to the city of Mysore. We drove through the highway witnessing the almost barren hills dotted with huge stones jutting out from them. Though it was the month of October, it was quite warm. The weather was clear and the sky was an azure blue. After about a drive of about one and half hours we stopped to have breakfast at a roadside dhaba. We had hot puris and potato curry along with tea. After having breakfast we again started on our onward journey to Mysore. We spotted the Srirangapatna Fort and prayed at the Rangaswamy temple. We also stopped at the Summer Palace of Tipu Sultan and feasted our eyes on the beautiful paintings and the other displays of weapons of the days of yore.

For lunch, we had sumptuous chicken biryani and Mysore pak( a sweet dessert). We visited the magnificent Mysore Palace. We then went shopping and bought several silk sarees and picked up some sandalwood mementos for our friends and relatives back home. It was evening when we started our journey back to the city of Bangalore. We were tired when we reached our hotel but the journey was an enjoyable one.

A Lazy Sunday

I make a beautiful, peaceful transition from Saturday night to a Sunday morning. For I know that come Sunday and the day is mine to keep. I have perfect and complete hold over the day. It’s me time. I get up late in the morning and lazily pour out my cup of tea. Sipping the tea I lounge about the garden. I do a bit of pruning in the garden which a busy week do not allow me to do. The plants and the shrubs have been crying for my attention all week to keep them in shape. I oblige them this Sunday. They seem to be happy with my efforts. I prepare my favourite dishes for lunch. They taste great and makes me happy. I tidy up the mess in the house and take bath. I spend a quiet afternoon; reading with some soothing music playing in the background. It feels like I am in an other world, away from the din and bustle of everyday life. I wish I was so relaxed everyday of my life. Evening comes and I dress up to go shopping with my friends. We buy the clothes and ornaments for a wedding to be solemnized in the near future. We had decided to look beautiful and trendy for the wedding. I end the night dining with my friends in a restaurant; chattering on without a care in the world.