Dealing with other’s tragedies

There is death in the air. Flames engulf and consume two beautiful and lovely kids. The family is shattered. It will be a blot in their life which can never be wiped off from memory lane. The incident makes headlines in the TV networks and in the newspapers. It is sad. Sad is to put it mildly. Two young children nipped in the bud and so many possibilities that life beheld for them just snatched away in a few minutes. A tragedy of mammoth proportions.

The incident shakes me up and greatly saddens me. My mind brings back to me all the other incidents of deaths that my duty as an administrative officer call upon me to conduct inquests into. That is, of course, not what I want to discuss. But the tragedy that these deaths leave in their wake. A young mother loses her small child ; she is distraught with pain but is restrained in her sorrow. A mother wails gathering her daughter in her arms ; her daughter had committed suicide. The grieving husband who had just lost his wife to fire burns. The man who has been murdered by his servant and leaves behind a tearful family. Sudden occurrences of death which leaves these varied families shocked and sorrowful. I am a witness to all this. I am saddened too. But what I feel is a sort of secondhand shock. I look upon these tragic incidents as somewhat of a stranger who stops by and shows regret but is unable to reach their very depths. They do touch me although I try very hard to keep myself emotionally detached from them. They always leave a mark on me; invisible and raw. For years have passed by but i can still vividly recall every incident. They have left such sweeping statements on my memory.

Oh,those bygone days


Why do we always look back and feel that the best days were the days that we left behind. The best time was the time gone by. Is it that the past was more attractive or alluring? Or is it that the future seems more unsure and harsh? Is it because we have deftly handled the incidents that defined our past and have survived their onslaught? Or are we a little frightened as to what the future holds for us that makes us uneasy and to an extent wobbly?

The past beckons to me in a way that is sweet and filled with warmth. That was the time when my family was together. When everyone, my parents, brother and sister and myself would jostle in our small house to get ready and reach our destinations for work. We would then spend cozy evenings at home sharing our daily experiences and laughing at the idiosyncrasies. We hardly knew in those days that in times to come we would separate and scatter away, being blown away by our search for sustenance and by our ambitions. We had unknowingly created memories that I still hold on to. Those are powerful to make me feel happy and ecstatic. Looking back, I crave for those days in the past which when compared to the present time seem lovely and filled with love and energy. A halo encompasses those days in the past. I long for them.

Work Space

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When I first joined in my job in 1999, the office space was a continuous array of files, typewriters, cupboards and shelves where these files were stored. Office goers found themselves mired in these files. Orders were communicated through typed letters. Slowly began the process of computerization and desktops replaced the old typewriters. Drafting orders became much more easy and fast. We are now in the age of laptops, emails and whatsapp. Office communication has become that much more faster. We now almost regularly receive our directions from our superiors through email or whatsapp; although it is still an informal way of office communication. In the present times we are moving towards the concept of e-office and of realizing it in the near future.

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A carefree life

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Today she gets up in the morning feeling happy and carefree. She is in another world. Her room is bright and clutter free. She gets out of bed, showers and puts on her favourite floral dress. A sumptuous breakfast is laid out on the table and she enjoys it. She takes her guitar, strums the strings; the music she creates lets out one melodious song after another. Her mood is uplifted and now she longs to be in the arms of her beloved. The dog is restless. It wants to go out for a walk. She puts on her hat and goes for a walk with her dog. The street is restless with joyous people; the happiness is infused into her. The park, the garden beyond is animated and appeals to her in muted terms. The weather is crisp and cool; the breeze touches her with impunity. She is flattered at its brashness. She sings a song in a low voice.

The alarm bell rings. She gets up with a smile. She had a beautiful dream. Reality strikes. She gets ready to go out for work.

Life Goes By

Life consists of a series of events. We are mired in them so much that sometimes we fail to notice that life has gone by and we have crossed the threshold and stand at the fag end of our lives. It has simply surpassed us and we are left bereft of the joys which we were to claim, being so absorbed in our sorrows and in trying to put out the people in our lives against whom we feel resentment and ill feelings. Life goes on. It knows better than to stop for us. At the end of all our self absorbed behaviours, what we fail to see is the beauty that life holds for us. We are beaten by the very thing we call ‘life’. We are thoroughly vanquished by it. When we realize it, sooner or later, it sometimes is too late. Then we regret that we just let life pass by us without feeling its varied nuances which would have made our days beautiful. We have to seize the opportunity to live life and indulge in the happiness it can beget us.

Seasonal Shifts

Seasons come. Seasons go.

A child is ushered into this world . Death claims another .

Seasonal changes and changes in people’s lives are akin to each other.

Blossoms and the advent of new leaves on trees announces the coming of the spring season. Everywhere there seems to be a riot of colours. Spring can easily resemble the youthful days of man. The brightness in the whole environ is like the enthusiasm and restlessness of an young adult. It’s dynamic quality is also the same quality which a youth possess and which spurs him to action. He springs forth to realize his dreams. Like the beauty that spring embodies, a young person is endowed with a beautiful body and a spirited mind. A mind which races with new ideas and is ever ready to accept the novelty of every situation.

The summer arrives and brings in the heat and the uncomfort. As the summer heat settles into our lives with certainty, so also manhood comes into a person’s life and gives him a perspective. He is now able to translate the novel ideas of his youth into reality . The summer of his life makes him stable and he grows more sure and certain .

Trees go barren in the autumn season . The whole world becomes bleak and unproductive. So also man starts to experience spells of dryness and slowness of his faculties at the time that he is caught up between manhood and old age.

Winter comes. The cold enters our lives. The autumn of a man’s life deepens further and old age is the reality. Much like the autumn season which exaggerates into winter as the coolness of autumn turns into the stinging cold of winter. The active and productive minds of men are rendered slow and to a large extent unproductive.

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Of all things floral

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I have a heady penchant for flowers. Flowers of all hues, their fragile and fragrant selves appeal to me. They fill my life with beauty and color. They have the ability to brighten up my mood every time I see them. They always invariably soothe my frayed nerves. They bring to life an otherwise dreary room as they adorn the flower vases. Dresses, bed sheets, cushion covers, pillow covers, table cloths, curtains become a source of joy when they are sprayed with floral print. Flowers are an integral part of weddings and funerals. Flowers have entered our lives and touched it in so many ways.

The Reading Habit

Reading opens up vistas of a new world which is far apart from the world our mind revolves in or is at present confined to. Reading throws open a bevy of new ideas to its readers which they then absorb and sometimes inculcate. It beckons the readers into a land thus unknown to them. Reading relaxes the mind and at times stretches it and broadens it as it gets flooded with a whole range of fresh and ingenious ideas. We can conjure up a beautiful scenery or a majestic view of the mountain in mind’s eye as we read about it in the books. We are transported into a magical world far removed from the monotony of our daily lives. We inhabit the world of the characters in the books. We sway in their emotional roller coaster ride. We sometimes recognize one of the characters as us and merge with them and enact a whole drama in their midst. Reading provides a good escape from our humdrum existence. It is a good pastime. Books are a good companion.

Summer Time

With the glistening rays of the sun beating down on us and the temperature rising each day by degrees, summer makes its undeniable presence. The fans and air conditioners are on as we try to beat its scorching heat. The cold drinks and ice cooled fruit juices, ice creams are flowing in the shop counters and at our homes as summer increases our thirst for anything cool. The cotton, linen and all the light and cool fabrics in subtle colours become the fashion in this season. Rains form a main feature of summer. Come summer and the rains pour on bringing the much needed respite from the heat. Sweat brimming bodies heaving a sigh of relief.