Landscape Painting – A flurry of colours

Amongst the different types of paintings, landscapes are one of my favourites. I look at these paintings from a layman’s perspective. Someone who does not understand the intricacies nor goes into the details of these paintings but is still fascinated by them. I simply love the mix of colours used to make a particular settingContinue reading “Landscape Painting – A flurry of colours”

On-Screen Portrayal of Love

Let’s celebrate this month of love Most of us like to watch the beautiful on-screen couples depict love in various forms in films . Form of love which is subtle, passionate, unhindered, uninhibited, intense, sad, secure and insecure. These movies mesmerize and exhilarate. They most of the time imbue me with a sense of love.Continue reading “On-Screen Portrayal of Love”