Dealing with other’s tragedies

There is death in the air. Flames engulf and consume two beautiful and lovely kids. The family is shattered. It will be a blot in their life which can never be wiped off from memory lane. The incident makes headlines in the TV networks and in the newspapers. It is sad. Sad is to putContinue reading “Dealing with other’s tragedies”

On a cooking spree

Cooking is an engagement. An engagement with the sights and smells of wonderful creations in the food world. Aromas of various cuisines fill the senses sometimes with nostalgia and sometimes with a longing to linger some more time in the present and savour all the good food laid in front of us. Memories of grandma’sContinue reading “On a cooking spree”

It was an engaging film

I recently watched the film, ” Phantom Thread “, and was filled with such love. I wondered at the weird love story the movie portrays as also the intensity of the love which the two main characters so beautifully act out. Daniel Day-Lewis plays Reynolds Woodcock , a famous fashion designer who falls in loveContinue reading “It was an engaging film”

Wedding Season

The wedding season has begun this year like in the many years before . It would flourish this season as in previous seasons. It would seep into people’s lives and play havoc with their finances. It would set boundaries for a new couple. It would bring nearly forgotten relatives and friends together. It would soundContinue reading “Wedding Season”

A sense of alienation

Families galore. Relationships galore. I see them every where. They seem perfect. They seem to flourish so effortlessly. So effortlessly do they flow. I wonder how they flow so seamlessly. People go about their work and come back to their families. It seems so natural . So simple. Love flows like a river unhindered .Continue reading “A sense of alienation”