Snippets of an idyll day

I waded through this morning dreaming glorious dreams. I sleepily open my eyes as streaks of light announces a new day. I see fairies in the slowly brightening morning light. I see their fleeting images as they fly about the room and then vanish with the rising day. I get up and dip my feetContinue reading “Snippets of an idyll day”

The Act of Belonging

The readiness to belong is ingrained in us. It is natural for us to belong to a particular caste, community, religion. In office we belong to a particular group of colleagues. In college we belong to a certain group of our peers. In a group we chat, gossip, indulge in some form of entertainment together.Continue reading “The Act of Belonging”

Independence Day Reflections

Tomorrow India celebrate its Independence Day. Today I remember a time when as a child my father took me to the state function to witness the Independence Day parade. Years later, as a civil servant, I had the duty of organizing the function at the district in which I was posted. The preparations for theContinue reading “Independence Day Reflections”

The Pull of Relationships

Pondering on the aspect of relationships, I am most happy when I am transported to my childhood and its illusions of perfect relationships. When things were absurdly simple and not complicated enough. When one could enjoy a parent’s love as a feeling of love only and with no other feelings mixed with it. A brother’sContinue reading “The Pull of Relationships”

My Books on Amazon

I have published two of my books on Amazon, namely- Impressions of Love and Loss Love’s Labour Lost Both are tales of love and loss. Though the topic is the same, both the books are totally different in their flavours and is set in absolutely varied settings. Please do read them and leave your reviewsContinue reading “My Books on Amazon”

Thoughts of my beloved Pt.7

Love – the four letter word continues to mesmerize people on one hand and give such heartbreaks to others. Some sing its praise, others detest it. The small number of people that dislike the term do so for in some cases it leaves a trail of destruction in its wake – shattered hearts and destroyedContinue reading “Thoughts of my beloved Pt.7”

The Buzz of Life

As the lockdown that was imposed in my hometown is slowly relaxed, the murmurs of life could be heard without. More people are walking the streets, traveling in public transport or in private cars to reach their destinations. They are attending offices, going about getting necessary supplies for home, visiting banks for monetary transactions. MoreContinue reading “The Buzz of Life”