A piece of cake

A piece of cake adds that extra zing to a cup of tea or coffee. There are the simple cakes and there are pastries. Pastries are of different flavors and different colours and tastes. Black Forest, White Forest, Red Velvet, Butter Scotch, Chocolate cake are some of the different pastries. People also make sponge cake,Continue reading “A piece of cake”

Diana, Princess of Wales

Aptly described as ” England’s Rose” by Elton John, princess Diana oozed charm and her effervescence effected people all around the globe. It was as if she carried with her a magic wand and waved it to mesmerize people. Beautiful, attractive, stylish – are the words that best describe her. Diana emerged on the worldContinue reading “Diana, Princess of Wales”

Radha Krishna

Let’s celebrate this month of love The eternal and sublime love story of the Hindu God, Krishna and his childhood sweetheart, Radha still mesmerizes many. It has formed to be the subject of painting for long and still inspires many. The depiction of love between the two can be seen in the paintings below. Note-TheContinue reading “Radha Krishna”

The Female Form in Paintings

Women form the topic of paintings for artists from all over the world. They have inspired painters through generations to explore and depict the many aspects of a woman’s life. Women find expression in their paintings as lovers, mothers, dancers, musicians,painters. Women can be seen in paintings doing various chores of daily life. These paintingsContinue reading “The Female Form in Paintings”

Thoughts of my beloved Pt.4

The days always pass by so quickly like winged birds whose fleeting glimpses we get before they vanish into the woods. But the days seem to go so slowly when I wait for my loved one to come by. The waiting, the anticipation is sometimes sweet; sometimes it rises to a crescendo and creates aContinue reading “Thoughts of my beloved Pt.4”

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever “

A rose plant in full bloom is a treat to the eyes. I behold these plants everyday in my garden. They bring such joy to me. Rose is my favourite and my most loved flower. The prickly,thorny plant appeal to my senses as no other does. I planted roses of different colours in my frontContinue reading ““A thing of beauty is a joy forever “”