Seasonal Shifts

Seasons come. Seasons go.

A child is ushered into this world . Death claims another .

Seasonal changes and changes in people’s lives are akin to each other.

Blossoms and the advent of new leaves on trees announces the coming of the spring season. Everywhere there seems to be a riot of colours. Spring can easily resemble the youthful days of man. The brightness in the whole environ is like the enthusiasm and restlessness of an young adult. It’s dynamic quality is also the same quality which a youth possess and which spurs him to action. He springs forth to realize his dreams. Like the beauty that spring embodies, a young person is endowed with a beautiful body and a spirited mind. A mind which races with new ideas and is ever ready to accept the novelty of every situation.

The summer arrives and brings in the heat and the uncomfort. As the summer heat settles into our lives with certainty, so also manhood comes into a person’s life and gives him a perspective. He is now able to translate the novel ideas of his youth into reality . The summer of his life makes him stable and he grows more sure and certain .

Trees go barren in the autumn season . The whole world becomes bleak and unproductive. So also man starts to experience spells of dryness and slowness of his faculties at the time that he is caught up between manhood and old age.

Winter comes. The cold enters our lives. The autumn of a man’s life deepens further and old age is the reality. Much like the autumn season which exaggerates into winter as the coolness of autumn turns into the stinging cold of winter. The active and productive minds of men are rendered slow and to a large extent unproductive.

Note-Photos are from Google

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