A Relationship

Photo by Tru1ea7n Long on Pexels.com

Their relationship was a long distance one. They were separated by distance and time. She would write to him everyday and wait for his reply. He would reply everyday; sometimes early and sometimes a little late. Both waited for each other’s messages every day for that was the only way of fostering their love for the other. Their bond grew stronger over a period of a year. Rarely did he call and when he did her heart would always skip a beat. His voice filled her with immense joy. These calls brought them closer. And the day came when they met. The meeting was not one of passion and intenseness but it was as if they had come to their home. She felt loved and protected. He felt a new understanding seeping into their relationship. They relaxed in each other’s arms and felt a calmness never felt before. Then the time comes to part ways. They take leave of each other with a happiness which was mixed with pain.

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