Puja Musings

Durga Puja is being celebrated in the different places of India. This time, however, the mood of the people is somber and subdued. In my hometown, the puja mandaps are mostly empty and the streets are devoid of the enormous traffic which is usually witnessed in these days. People in small numbers are coming outContinue reading “Puja Musings”

Faraway Thoughts

Today thoughts from the past besiege me. My mind wanders to my childhood days. Those were simple days. Those were the days of experimentation. One day, I could indulge in painting. Another day, I could sing my heart out or dance away without a care. There was nothing to scrap my heart’s longings and myContinue reading “Faraway Thoughts”

A Writer’s Design

A writer creates his own design by capturing the characters and settings floating about in his mind and weaving them into a story. One wonders if the patchwork of emotions that the characters in the story convey are figments of a writer’s imagination or a collage of the writer’s own emotions felt at some pointContinue reading “A Writer’s Design”

A day long experience

It was a Sunday. I, my mother and my brother left our hotel in Bangalore( Bengaluru) early morning at about 6 a.m. for Mysore(Mysuru). It would be a three hour drive to the city of Mysore. We drove through the highway witnessing the almost barren hills dotted with huge stones jutting out from them. ThoughContinue reading “A day long experience”

Snippets of an idyll day

I waded through this morning dreaming glorious dreams. I sleepily open my eyes as streaks of light announces a new day. I see fairies in the slowly brightening morning light. I see their fleeting images as they fly about the room and then vanish with the rising day. I get up and dip my feetContinue reading “Snippets of an idyll day”

The Act of Belonging

The readiness to belong is ingrained in us. It is natural for us to belong to a particular caste, community, religion. In office we belong to a particular group of colleagues. In college we belong to a certain group of our peers. In a group we chat, gossip, indulge in some form of entertainment together.Continue reading “The Act of Belonging”